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Ali Florence

"This is my favorite place"

Where to begin? This is my favorite place. Not gym, place. Not only because of the amazing community, but also because of the excellent coaching staff, the stellar equipment, and the great workout programming. This was my first CrossFit gym so I am a litt...

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Ashley Shulski

"The coaches are stellar"

Everyone at Iron Grip made me feel very welcomed from the first time I worked out. Even though everyone is at different levels of fitness the atmosphere is constantly about supporting one another and cheering your workout partners on day in and day out. T...

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Sierra Turner

"Box is clean and well run!"

The coaches are knowledgeable and very invested in you. Hours are perfect for anyone. A kids area for anyone who has little people in tow. The members are uplifting. You will gain so much more than just muscle when you join this place!...

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Alex Bergin

"One of the best gyms in the area."

Great gym! Great coaches! Great community! One of the best gyms in the area....

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Jon Ybarra

"Coaches are top notch!"

Best place I’ve ever worked out, hands down. The coaches, the members, the box itself are all top notch. I feel more welcome than I have in any other gym, it’s easy to ask for pointers if I need them, and everyone motivates everyone! It’s great to g...

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John DeYoung

"Going there is often the highlight of my day"

I've been going to Iron Grip for almost three months now and I love it. Going there is often the highlight of my day and I miss it when I can't go. Great coaching, great community, and it's a clean gym. I see them cleaning the floor and equipment every da...

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Josh Randall

"Absolutely love it!"

I’ve been at this gym for almost a year now and absolutely love it. I’ll echo what others have said about how great the coaches are. I’ve made so much progress in the last year but the welcoming environment is what stands out the most. Everyone here...

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Michelle Hancock

"NO judge zone"

From someone who has always been active but never lifted weights I figured why not give it a try. Iron Grip CrossFit was the third Gym I walked into and I immediately felt welcomed which is why I keep going back. The coaching staff is amazing, always taki...

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Megan Barbeau

"This box is awesome!"

Alma and Megan are passionate about their customers learning the right way to do all the movements and then building up from there. They put a lot of effort into their programming and have scaling options and Rx+ options so that all fitness levels can par...

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