Athlete of the MonthMay

Patrick Powers-Lake

What’s your career? Patient Safety Manager and LGBT Veteran Care Coordinator at the Tucson VA Medical Center.

What are some things you do outside the gym that people might not know? I love to cook and eat (thus CrossFit).  Recently I have been kayaking or paddle boarding when I get a chance, or just going for a hike with my husband of 23 years.

Do you remember what your first workout was and what you thought? I don’t remember the first work out, but I do remember the first 100 meter run.  I kept thinking don’t puke, don’t puke.  Now I am signed up for the Murph Challenge (modified)!

What’s your favorite workout?  Any workout that does not include burpees

What’s your least favorite workout? Any workout that includes burpees

Favorite Movie: All thing Marvel/Star Wars

Favorite Book:  Don’t have one favorite book.  Nothing better than a good murder/mystery.  I have also read Harry Potter multiple times.

Favorite cheat Food: DQ Peanut Buster Parfait

How did you find Iron Grip? Google search for gyms close by.

If you had one famous person to do a workout with, who would it be and why? Captain America!


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