Athlete of the MonthMarch

Jonathan Jones

What’s your career? 

My career is Civil Engineering in the United States Air Force. I create civil drawing as well as manage and inspect construction and maintenance  contracts.

What are some things you do outside the gym that people might not know? 

When the weather is nice I like to go play golf. Arizona is the perfect place to catch a quick round. Although I’m no expert, hitting a amazing shots are addicting and keep me coming back. I also enjoy breweries and watching a plethora of other sports.

Do you remember what your first workout was and what you thought? 

Yes! My first workout was an AMRAP of snatches and thrusters. I thought that crossfit was the hardest thing ever because the snatch felt so awkward but I was also intrigued by the movements and wanted to continue to learn to perfect the movements. I was looking for a more challenging way of testing myself and found it that day.

What’s your favorite workout?  

My favorite workout is barbell cleans coupled with box jumps. It’s very challenging but feasible at the same time. I love it.

What’s your least favorite workout? 

My least favorite workout would have to be wall balls and burpees. Those two workouts seem to just beat me down so at least I know I’m getting a good workout but it’s not my favorite.

Favorite Movie: 

My favorite movie would have to be Training Day starring Denzel Washington.

Favorite Book:

I have a few favorite books but one of my favorite motivational books is David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me. He talks about ways to master your mind and gives you a different perspective on self discipline.

Favorite cheat Food: 

Brownies and chocolate chip cookies!

How did you find Iron Grip? 

I found Iron Grip by literally searching google for “crossfit gym near me”

If you had one famous person to do a workout with, who would it be and why?

If I had one famous person to do a workout with it would probably be Dwayne Johnson because I think the intensity would be unreal and I’d also like to talk some smack to him and have a good laugh.

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