Athlete of the MonthJanuary

James Reblin

What’s your career?
I’m a Sr. Technical Consultant with Advantage Microsystems (for the last 15 years)
What are some things you do outside the gym that people might not know?
Go to sport is golf (other than crossfit) – I have a garage full of woodworking tools
Do you remember what your first workout was and what you thought? 
First workout was a hero wod – summer 2016, i remember it had running and kettlebell swings – i’ve blocked out the rest
What’s your favorite workout?  
Burpee over the bar is my favorite movement
What’s your least favorite workout? 
I hate overhead squats and the assult bike
Favorite Movie: 
Frozen… but really either World War Z or Gardians of the Galaxy
Favorite Book:
I think you mean audiobook
Favorite cheat Food: 
Chicken Parmisian or chocolate chip cookies
How did you find Iron Grip? 
Neighbors convinced me to give it a try – I had only recently gotten back into working out
If you had one famous person to do a workout with, who would it be and why?
Kevin Hart

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