Athlete of the MonthMay

Kyle Craver

Career: Physician Assistant

Wants to workout with Wolverine!

What’s your career?
I’m a Physician Assistant.  I currently work in Family Medicine, but my long term goal is to work as a  Hospitalist and then move into the ICU.

What are some things you do outside the gym that people might not know?
I really like reading history, especially historical biographies.  I like learning about the nuances of successful, interesting people.  So far, I have read one on George Washington and I’m working on one on Theodore Roosevelt.  I have a lot more on the list I haven’t got to yet.

Do you remember what your first workout was and what you thought?

I had to ask Megan what it was, likely because my subconscious tried very diligently to forget it.   It was a Teams of 3 workout – 4 minutes bike, 3 min wall-balls, 2 min burpees for 3 rounds.  It was also on a September afternoon at 4:30 p.m.
In summation: It was rough.

What’s your favorite workout?
Actually the Long Beach workout we did on Tuesday was one of my favorites.  I like long workouts that are broken up by runs.

What’s your least favorite workout?
Any workout that involves those awful bikes.

Favorite Movie:
Forrest Gump…but I don’t watch the end because it makes me cry

Favorite Book:
I love everything Michael Crichton and Kurt Vonnegut have ever written.
This one is a toss-up between Jurassic Park (I know it’s cliche, but the book is even better than the movie) and Vonnegut’s Hocus Pocus, which has absolutely nothing in common with the Halloween movie by the same name featuring Bette Midler.

Favorite cheat Food:  Ice cream.  Which is one of the many similarities I share with Forrest Gump.

How did you find Iron Grip?
It’s all Kim Johnson’s fault.  Blame her.  :-)

If you had one famous person to do a workout with, who would it be and why?
Forrest G- ok fine, I know he’s not a real person.
Hugh Jackman.  For 3 main reasons: he seems like a cool dude, he played Wolverine, and his nickname is Hugh JackedMan – so you know he’d wanna do something crazy with a barbell to get, well, jacked.

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