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Today will look a little different from most workouts we do. Because of the nature of the odd object movement, we’re looking at a workout that is challenging simply by the nature of the volume we’ll end up doing. What that means is, whether you’re doing cleans or flips, set an achievable number that you’re confident you can replicate for 8 rounds thereafter. Today is not a leaderboard day. Today is a grunt work day and simply getting work done. Let’s do it.

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Open & Performance

OP: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 Rounds:

40 Seconds Odd Object Movement

20 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Bike Calories

20 Seconds Rest

Score is lowest rep total of the 8 rounds
Odd Objects Include:

Tire Flips

Sandbad/Wreck bag Cleans

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