The Press Trifecta

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The ability to reach overhead, press overhead and pull from overhead is an essential human function. This requires strong and flexible shoulders.
The lifting shoulder – article
Pressing demo
The Trifecta
A word on shoulder impingement


Warm-up (No Measure)

400 meter Bike (0.4 km)

Choose 250 meter Row

One 200 meter Run

50 Double unders

15 Wallballs

10 Parallette shoot throughs

5 Pullups


Active Shoulder

Pushing – Pushup

Pressing – Overhead press

Supporting – Ring dip

Hanging – Pullup bar

Pulling – Ring row


Press Trifecta (15-12-12-9-9-9)

1 Shoulder Press

3 Push Press

5 Push Jerk
Perform 1 set of 3SP-5PP-7PJ

Perform 2 sets of 2-4-6

Perform 3 sets of 1-3-5

Increase weight each set.

Establish a max weight for the complex.


Tabata Row (Calories)

8 Rounds

20 seconds work

10 seconds rest

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