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Happy Independence Day! These are at once both joyful and solemn words.
Joyful. Those words are joyful because that independence of which we speak is the kind that has raised the entire globe farther out of poverty and destitution than any other philosophy ever could. The independence of which we speak expressly insists that all people ought to be free to pursue their own happiness. The independence of which we speak tastes so sweet to the human soul, that those who have experienced a lifetime of it cannot help but wish that all mankind would take their turn at trying the fruit of the “Tree of Liberty.”
Solemn. Those words are solemn because the independence of which we speak demands that we accept that every individual be allowed to define happiness on their own terms, within the bounds of natural law, which gives absolutely no priority to the happiness of one individual over that of another. The independence of which we speak demands a constant, willful effort and at times, even a devastating sacrifice to be secured and maintained. It has never once in history occurred, “organically.” The independence of which we speak demands a full and conscious understanding of the fact that while all men are indeed “created equal,” they are by no means designed to be all, “the same.” The independence of which we speak demands that we recognize that it is actually our differences that help to make us equal.
Happy Independence Day! What a statement! May there always be both joyful appreciation and a solemn commitment found in those words.


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Scooter (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30-Minute PARTNER AMRAP of:

30 Double-Unders

15 Pull-Ups

15 Push-Ups

100m Sprint

Then, 5-minutes to find a 1-RM Partner Deadlift (log in comments)
In honor of Sgt. Scott Lunger, of Brentwood, California, who died July 22, 2015.
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