“Oops…” – Britain, 1776

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Happy Independence Day, AMERICA!!! To celebrate today, a partner WOD for everyone, as well as a Slip n’ Slide!!! So come on in to the gym, grab that good lookin’ partner, and let’s have some fun to celebrate the amazing country we live in! There will be heats running every hour, starting at 8:00am. See you there!

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Open – Performance – Fitness

07/04/1776 (Time)

Teams of 2

7 Rounds For Time:

4 Power Cleans (80% 1RM)

17 Alternating Burpees

76 Double Unders OR High Single Unders

Optional Cash-Out: Partner Slip n’ Slide and Shotgun Beverage of Choice
80% is based off of each person’s 1 rep max power clean. Partners can have 2 separate bars.

Partners can choose to do double unders or high jumping single unders, both count as Rx.

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