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Stay tuned. We will soon be releasing the first of 6 challenge WODs, to be completed during 2 week intervals. At the end of 6 WODs (3 months), the winner will have gained the respect and honor of all the members of Iron Grip CrossFit, and forever hold the glory of a champion among your peers!
And we’ll post your picture on the wall.


Warm-up (No Measure)

Wally ball


Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2 complete for time:

6 Rounds (total)

A: 10 Pullups

B: Hollow hold

6 Rounds (total)

A: 15 Pushups

B: Deadlift hold @ 135/95

6 Rounds (total)

A: 20 Situps

B: KB Overhead hold w/ 26/18’s

6 Rounds (total)

A: 25 Squats

B: Dead hang

6 Rounds (total)

A: 30 Jumping jacks

B: Ring plank
Partner completes reps while you hold. Switch when done. Both partners do 3 rounds of each.

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