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Iron Grip CrossFit – CrossFit

“Most of the problems with the bodies and minds of the folks occupying the current culture involve an unwillingness to do anything hard, or anything that they’d rather not do. I applaud your resolve, and I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that EASY will no longer suffice”.
– Mark Rippetoe –


Warm-up (No Measure)

Silent jumping jacks


A: Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

Perform 10 reps strict press for time at any weight. Rest as needed. Repeat for 5 sets. Score is weight lifted divided by time (seconds) to comlete all 10 reps. You may change the load in each set

A:: Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3 complete:

60 Wallballs

30 Burpee over box

90 Parallette jumps

30 Kettlebell clean & jerks

60 Med Ball slams
One person working at a time.

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