Dead Sea WU

Iron Grip CrossFit – Warm-up


Warm-up (No Measure)

1 min Stations for 2 rounds

**Station 1:** Row

**Station 2:** Active Spidermans

**Station 3:** Banded Good Mornings

**Station 4:** Slow Burpess

**Station 5:** Child’s Pose

Warm-up (No Measure)


* Because you’ll be strapped in and seated, the rower will be the longest transition of all the movements

* For this reason, it pays off to hold on for slightly longer efforts

* But as these team workouts typically go, we want to switch out athletes before movement starts to slow down

* For this station, you can switch out based on time or calories

* If each athlete rows for 40 seconds, you’ll get 2 turns a piece during the 4-minute window

* You can also switch every 10-15 calories, which is usually a good range before speed starts to slow


* The burpees and deadlifts are a much faster transition than the rower, which means you can switch out more frequently here

* While you *could* hold on for longer bouts of work, shorter burst may be better in the long run

* Consider the following ranges for each movement:

* **Lateral Barbell Burpees:** Switch Every 3-5 Reps

* **Deadlifts:** Switch Every 5-7 Reps

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