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If you’ve been doing CrossFit for any significant length of time then you know enough to be wary of any workout that appears “easy” on the white board. Those often turn out to be the workouts that really put us in our place, so to speak.
It’s ok to feel confident, but simultaneously a little nervous when you’re about to start a workout. The trick is harnessing those emotions in order to drive yourself to push harder and faster during the workouts. That’s not something we can really cover in a skill session, but it is an acquireable skill nonetheless. What it takes is time, and continuing to show up for workouts regularly. So keep up the good work!


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds

2 Turkish get up (left)

2 Turkish get up (right)

5 MB snatches

Rd1: straddle stretch

Rd2: Samson stretch

Rd3: Seated shoulder ext.


Squat therapy


Metcon (Time)

For time:

Buy in:

800 meter Bike

Choose 500 meter Row

One 400 meter Run

100 Double unders


3 Rounds of:

21 Overhead squats @ 75/55

15 Burpees

9 Power snatches @ 75/55


Buy out:

same as buy in
Rx+ =


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