Athlete of the MonthJuly

Ry Provencio

Plays the acoustic guitar

What’s your career?
I am an Aerospace Engineer and I work in flight testing

What are some things you do outside the gym that people might not know?
I love to travel and I love playing the acoustic guitar.

Do you remember what your first workout was and what you thought?
I don’t remember what it was but it was fun enough to make me want to come back the next day and try it again!

What’s your favorite workout?
I am naturally a runner and I really enjoy a workout that has a lot of cardio in it coupled with body weight movements like pull ups, push ups, wall balls, box jumps…..etc.

What’s your least favorite workout?
My weakness is overhead squats so if any workout has this movement in it, I won’t be smiling.

Favorite Movie:
That’s a tough one cause there are so many but I do enjoy Motorcycle Diaries(in Spanish) because it has a lot of things I love about life. Travelling, South America, Music and just a great message.

Favorite Book:
I like the Harry Potter series

Favorite cheat Food:
Ha! Cheat Food…….I think that’s all I eat is cheat food. But I do love craft beer and Mexican food.

How did you find Iron Grip?
I found out about Iron Grip from my friend Justin

If you had one famous person to do a workout with, who would it be and why?
Bruce Lee hands down. I have always admired him and I just think it would be not only an intense work out but very spiritual too

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