11.30.15 Announcement

We’re ready! It’s time to break in the brand new equipment. Megan, Charles, Alma, and myself are very excited to share this space with our friends and family. Come see us on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5th at 8:30 am and 10:00 am for our first two group classes!

On behalf of Alma and Megan, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has helped with all the details. Thank you to our friends and family for the support and encouragement. A HUGE thank you to Randy and Lorinda Sturgeon for their contribution, without which this would all be happening in a garage where rope climbs would not be possible. Thank you to those who have visited and offered help, suggestions, and kind words.

Megan and Alma, your spouses are so proud of you and all of the hard work you have put in this fall to make your dream happen. This is beyond awesome.

Get a grip! Let’s CrossFit! (See what I did there?)

-Cynthia (proud wife and latest CrossFit victim)

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